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This is Life

I'm Hallee. I love reading and I'm madly in love. And this...this is life

"I had a lover’s quarrel with the world."

"You know,
I am both terrified
Of losing this battle
And terrified
Of fighting it."

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"I think a lot about killing myself, not like a point on a map, but rather like a glowing exit sign at a show that’s never been quite bad enough to make me want to leave. See, when I’m up, I don’t kill myself because, holy shit, there is so much left to do! And when I’m down, I don’t kill myself because then the sadness would be over and the sadness is my old paint under the new. The sadness is the house fire or the broken shoulder. I’d still be me without it, but I’d be so boring."

"I was his first, he was my last"

"You see, danger is quite intoxicating."

"I miss hearing about your day."

"The breath from the lips
and the rhythm from the hips
and the sheets we stir."

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thank god i’m not a cow


thank god i’m not a cow